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“Ms. Kim honestly killed it with this class. I've said it before and I'll say it again, this was the most well–structured class I've have this entire semester, and therefore the best class I've ever had at USC. She really did her very best to teach us, and it shows. Our classes were interesting, our assignments meaningful, and our professor attentive and involved; what more could I ask for” -anonymous student

“I simply cannot express how valuable this course was. This is the most I have ever been engaged with a class both during this semester and throughout my entire experience at USC. When signing up for a small class, I expected deep in–class discussion while also feeling more connected to fellow students. This class exceeded my expectations. I felt challenged leading up to each speech assignment (especially as the semester progressed), but I never felt hopeless or unable to ask for help. Again, I cannot stress enough how much this class improved my speaking skills, and I also cannot express enough how much I enjoyed the class as a whole.” -anonymous student

Teaching Assistant

"You've been a great TA, Donna! You've helped me hone my analysis skills and you've always been helpful when I come to see you about issues with my term paper. If I didn't understand a concept, you did a good job of further explaining until I understand." -anonymous student

"Donna was great. She helped me with papers and gave constructive feedback. She is knowledgeable in the subject and genuinely wants to interact with students." -anonymous student

"Great TA! I had her for another class last semester and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that she would be TA'ing this course. She's very sweet, helpful, understanding and wants all of her student to succeed." -anonymous student