A Note on Name Variants

(click to expand)Preferred name: Do Own (Donna) KimPreferred abbreviation*: D. O. Kim*both D. O. should be used as my first name

My preferred professional name is Do Own (Donna) Kim. "Do Own" (not Do!) is my full legal first name, and I go by "Donna". When native Korean speakers call me by my Korean name Do Own (doe-on; 도온), they tend to add an "ah (아)" sound at the end of my name, which sounds similar to "Donna" (doe-ohn-ah or donah; 도온아). 

My name has appeared in various combinations of "Do Own", "Donna", and "Do-own":  Do Own (Donna) Kim (preferred), Do Own Donna Kim, Do Own Kim, Do-own Kim, Donna Do-own Kim, etc. Unfortunately, because some systems do not recognize two-words first name and/or parentheses, and partially due to my own confusion, my name has been abbreviated in all sorts of ways: D. O. Kim (preferred), D. O. D. Kim, D. Kim, D. D. Kim, etc. They are all fine, as long as both "Do Own" are understood as my first name (I am never "Do"!).